Call of Duty’s ridiculous shotgun has been nerfed – Polygon

One of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s funniest and most annoying guns, the 725 shotgun that seemed to have unlimited range, has been nerfed. The nerf came as part of a balance patch that developer Infinity Ward released on Friday morning. The patch also fixed several bugs in the game, added the Hardpoint mode to…

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Call of Duty’s ridiculous shotgun has been nerfed – Polygon

One of Call of Responsibility: Contemporary War’s funniest and most stressful guns, the 725 shotgun that regarded as if it can well perchance comprise limitless fluctuate, has been nerfed. The nerf came as allotment of a steadiness patch that developer Infinity Ward launched on Friday morning. The patch also mounted several bugs within the game, added the Hardpoint mode to multiplayer, and gave players two free maps.

After the patch the 725 shotgun will comprise an even bigger unfold, both for hip fire and when aimed down leer, and most importantly decreased hurt fluctuate. This would possibly perchance well well perchance quiet support stop its proliferation across multiplayer, and sever the incident of players who comprise been the utilization of it to catch kills from across entire maps. Contemporary War’s most novel patch also vastly changes the style recoil works within the game. Being crouched or susceptible aged to modify the recoil players felt from guns, however that’s now not the case. Claymores comprise also been adjusted to comprise a narrower trigger and hurt problem of own.

This patch also adds Hardpoint mode to multiplayer. Hardpoint is an problem defense mode the assign both groups are tasking with making an strive to utter over and defend a watch on a explicit space. As prolonged as your personnel is in defend a watch on and has members standing on the purpose, your personnel’s ranking will lag up. This makes for a rapid and chaotic mode that has been a current of the Call of Responsibility community.

Gamers would possibly perchance well also catch Contemporary War’s two most novel maps at free of payment as allotment of this substitute. The Krovnik Farmland design is coming to the mountainous-personnel Ground Battle sport mode while Shoot Dwelling will be added to the smaller multiplayer modes.

For a corpulent watch on the entire changes coming to Contemporary War as allotment of this patch you potentially can also leer the corpulent notes below.

Call of Responsibility Contemporary War Hardpoint patch notes


  • Backend fixes to forestall crashes and strengthen balance across all platforms, consist of dev errors, and varied performance fixes.
  • Fix for about a bugs the assign some streaks and Self-discipline Upgrades comprise been ready to be flown out of bounds without penalty. Fashioned out of certain fixes comprise been also added.
  • Fix for a bug the assign a participant being killed by an enemy with a Variable Zoom Scope would now not leer the zoom design within the killcam
  • Fix for the Semtex warning audio being heard on the same quantity whether in a building or out of doorways
  • In Headquarters, players comprise been ready to problem a Tac Insert and respawn when their personnel owned the purpose. This has been mounted.
  • Fix for diverse collision factors across maps
  • Added UI that reveals when XP events are packed with life in playlists menus
  • Speed and Tactical Speed speeds are in actuality support to speeds in Beta
  • Fix for a bug the assign the event of the bomb defusal would possibly perchance well also be seen by the personnel that planted the bomb
  • Fix for a bug that revealed players to UAVs when they fired their weapons, even when they’d Ghost and a silencer geared up
  • Mounted a enlighten the assign if extra than one Personal Radars comprise been packed with life on a personnel, and are both marking the same enemy, perfect one participant would leer the enemy on their minimap.

Revolt Shield:

Mounted a enlighten the assign the throwing knife and Thermite weren’t inflicting the defend to switch on the participant’s support when thrown. We’ve also mounted the difficulty the assign explosive splash hurt wasn’t working consistently. We’ll continue to tune the Revolt Shield in future updates.


Detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now non-deadly when at corpulent nicely being. We’ve also decreased the trigger and hurt radius and likewise decreased the hurt width to raised match the trigger width.

Fight Chatter:

Removed the capability for enemies to listen to when they’ve been called out by the opposing personnel. We also adjusted the enemy callouts so that they’re never from your Operator. Enemy callouts now expend a extra restricted cone on the hip and even extra restricted in ADS when calculating whether or to now not trigger. We’ll continue to video show this and create extra tweaks to Fight Chatter in future updates.


Limited amplify to recoil while mounting.


E.O.D. now clamps hurt to a non-deadly

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